Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Take It All Off

"Take It All Off" 8x6" Oil on Canvas Board

Talk about brazen behavior! Can you believe this outrageous redhead caught in a quiet neighborhood of Concord in decadent flamboyance? That's right! Baring herself in a showy burlesque, she literally flaunted herself at the curb attracting the attention of every passerby. Despite the chilling rain, she exposed one long slender limb after another in an ostentatious display. A shocking performance!
Thanks for viewing my work!

I am offering FREE shipping within the U.S. on all paintings in my Daily Paint Works and Etsy stores. These small paintings look great in groups of two or more, and add interest and charm to an entry, kitchen, bath, sitting on a bookshelf, or other small areas.

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