Monday, August 2, 2010

DAY 33

"Just a Slice" 6x6" Oil on Canvas Board

"Lord how your wonders are displayed, where e'er I turn my eye..."

Fresh blueberries, thick peppered bacon, spicy sausage, fluffy scrambled eggs with melting cheddar cheese, lightly toasted whole wheat bread spread thick with butter and raspberry preserves, steaming hot coffee sizzling in my mug, surrounded by the light fragrance of other sleepy-eyed early morning campfires arising out of the 35 degree overnight chill to begin another day of basking in the glory and sunlight of all that surrounds me...AAH the joy of this moment!

My painting of this beautiful little melon who gave up its life for us yesterday was challenging to paint without a good light source. We do not have electricity so for still life paintings I have to rely on the diffused soft northern light that filters in through the screen window of the camper. In spite of the short value range available I was pretty happy with the result.

We're off today heading over to the Snake River to paint and fish. See ya tomorow...over and out.


  1. Yet another wonderful day in the Parson's Project ;o) Have fun!!! We miss you back here in Texas!!!

  2. Wishing you happy times on the Snake...just remember not to paint the fish, ruins how they taste...

  3. Thanks, I'll try to remember that one, Rob.

  4. Parsons' Project...I love it, Rachel. Miss you to.