Wednesday, August 4, 2010

DAY 35

Today we finally tore ourselves away from the Grand Tetons and move on into Yellowstone. What an incredible drive through such diverse lands including: the wide open Hayden Valley with herds of grazing bison, moose and elk, 20 miles of the twisting Yellowstone River with its 42 degree bottom temps of clear blue waters and white foamy caps racing down mountain sides, the smell of sulphur as we passed by vast arrays of geological formations and thermal features including: geysers, bubbling mudpots, fumarole, and steaming hot springs. What an exciting ride.

This little guy was grazing along the side of the road as we drove by and came right up to our car door.
One of the terraces in the thermal area near Mammoth Springs
Yellowstone... I loved the shadows of the clouds draping over the mountains
Yellowstone River
Yellowstone Lake
Unfortunately, we were unable to get into any of the campgrounds inside Yellowstone for the night, or for that matter, any other type of accommodation, so we had to high roll it into a motel in Gardiner, MT five miles outside of the park. After nearly five weeks of camping what a thrill it is to have a room with carpet, a bed with an honest to goodness mattress instead of a sleeping bag, electricity to read by versus a flashlight, a personal shower that you don't have to pay extra for complete with fresh towels, a toilet that you don't have to go outside and walk to get to in the middle of the night with a flashlight not knowing what wild animal might be lurking behind the next tree. Wow!!! What luxuries. They even have a small pool so I was able to get in some abbreviated laps. However the best part is the major benefit of Wifi in our room. In most all of the campgrounds we have stayed in, you had to drive to find a hot spot in the park and I never could get my computer to send e-mails? Some I was able to send on my BlackBerry but then again, I would have to drive to another location to find just the right spot to pick up a signal and then it would fade in and out, or provide no service at all. Whew, that was a lot of stress!!!

We have officially not seen a newspaper or any TV since we left home on July 1st. I hope the world is still there? I really have enjoyed being lost in space and oblivious to it all.  

Since we were on the road all day traveling I was not able to paint but wanted to share some recent photos. See you on down the road tomorrow.  

Sacred Heart Chapel

Inside the Chapel at Jackson Lake

Creek at Jenny Lake

I walked right up to this antelope to shoot this photo


  1. Be careful approaching those wild animals. I was in Yellowstone as a child and walked up to a group of elk to take a shot (with a camera!!!). Well, there was a momma elk and I supposed I got to close to her baby and she charged me. Scared me (and my parents) to death!!! I guess she saw me running away and didn't carge for long!!! ;o) Thanks God!!!

  2. How scary is that, Rachel. You were lucky not to have been hurt. Your guardian angel must have been watching over you.