Wednesday, August 11, 2010

DAY 39, 40 & 41

"East Rosebud Rush" 11x14 Oil on Canvas

Houston, the Eagle has landed!!! I have finally made an internet connection and am live again. Sorry for the lapse of three days since my last post, we have been painting, fly fishing, hiking and visiting with my family in Montana's "big sky" country with its miles and miles of rolling green hills, mesas, ranches, farms all under the back drop of the glacier capped Bear Tooth Mountains.

I painted "East Redbud Rush" this afternoon along side the white water rapids at the East Rosebud River. It was a very challenging experience amidst on and off thunder storms that continued all afternoon. I must have looked quite a sight as people kept driving by along side the road were I was painting, pointing and laughing at me huddled over my easel with one hand holding a poncho over myself trying to keep everything dry. The horseflies were biting my legs and I had to keep taking my sweat shirt on and off as temperature were climbing and dropping every 30 minutes. I am amazed that this painting came out as well as it did.

Tomorrow is our last day in Montana before heading the 1800 mile ride on home. Here are a few photos from Absarokee.

Dave fishing on the Rosebud which runs right through the fishing camp

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  1. The painting that I was waiting to see!! Mountains in the background and the agent of their destruction in the foreground. What a beautiful rendering of the inescapable fragility of us all. Even the grandeur and fortitude of mountains is not safe from the ravages of time on this earth. With this painting you have encapsulated the fragility and sacredness of our time here. It is a visual reminder to appreciate the beauty of the balance of creation and destruction in this living system and to experience all that this sacred blue speck has to offer.