Sunday, August 1, 2010

DAY 32 Holy Bear!

Look very carefully inside the circle and you will see the sighting of a Holy Bear
That's right folks, a holy bear, we spotted this young lady on the hillside right across the street from the Catholic Church on the way to Mass at the Sacred Heart Chapel near Signal Mountain. Turns out she is a Cinnamon Black Bear, brown coat with black ears...we sure thought she was a Grizzly until the park ranger set us straight. Wow, that was quite an exciting discovery! We also saw a coyote meandering across the street right in front of us on her way back from a cool evening drink at a creek by the Lodge. You just never know what you are going to see around the next corner here.

The chapel where we attended Mass yesterday was a in a very quaint, tiny log church nestled up under a thick blanket of stately ancient pines. This must be a mission church judging by the fact that the unisex restroom is an outhouse outback. Here is the view from where you can sit and reflect while waiting your turn. I believe this is Jenny Lake?

It rained this afternoon so we had a very laid back day making some repairs around the camper, a little touch up painting, cleaning and reading. We had planned to move on into Yellowstone in the morning but tonight changed our minds and signed up for another couple of nights here. There is still so much to see and do, we just couldn't bear (no pun intended) to leave. Here is the finished Oxbow Bend painting and a better photo.
"Oxbow Bend" 11x14" Oil on Canvas


  1. Wow Nancy......all the photos and paintings you are posting are gorgeous. And to see a bear!! How great is that!!! As long as your not to close that is!! Sounds as if y'all are having a fantastic time. Enjoy the rest of your trip. I enjoy reading your blogs!!

  2. Thanks for commenting, Rachel. I enjoyed hearing from you. We are having such an amazing adventure...I may never come home.

  3. okay, that's my favorite so far!! mmmmm...mountains...