Saturday, July 31, 2010

DAY 31

Oxbow Bend

Yesterday was another glorious day standing in the shade painting on the hill above the Snake River at Oxbow Bend with its stunning views. Oxbow Bend is known for its wildlife and scenic overlook, home to otter, beaver, all kinds of birds. The ravens are huge here...the size of small dogs. Dave was fly fishing in the river below and drew my attention to a golden eagle and an osprey darting back and forth in a territorial dog fight in the crystal blue sky overhead. Can you imagine, all this glory and excitement for a mere $10 a night with our invaluable 62-and-over, Golden Age Passport card that gets you into all National Parks free, plus half price on the campsite fees. Growing old has its advantages.
Polly wanta cracker?  
Osprey fishing (I added the enlarged inset from another photo I shot)
Another shot of Oxbow Bend later in the day...check out those mirror reflections in the water...very exciting.
You can certainly tell the dollar is weak judging by the number of foreigners staying and working here in this area. We are surrounded by French, Swedes, Austrians, Germans, Russians, Canadians and Swiss accents everywhere we go. It is almost a surprise to hear an American voice every now and then. I keep thinking we are somewhere in Europe versus the United States. Yesterday while painting at Oxbow Bend, I must have spoken to at least 75 tourists who stopped by just to "take a peek" and 90 percent of them were foreigners. They were all very friendly and curious, quite a few asking me to pose for photos standing at my easel in front of the overlook. By the end of the day, I was beginning to feel almost famous. : )

White Pelican in Two Oceans Lake

Earlier in the day we drove out to an isolated lake called Two Oceans where we attempted to paint and fish but were run off by relentless scores of horseflies the size of my fist ... well, maybe not quite that big. However all was not lost, in a short 45 minutes there, we watched an osprey diving for fish, cormorants, loons, and an enormous white pelican. In fact, he was so large that I thought a child had forgotten his giant blow up water toy. This bird must have been five feet tall while sitting in the water, and when he flew away his wingspan was six to eight feet... truly an unbelievable sight!!! Then, on the drive back to Oxbow Bend, we passed an entire herd of bison grazing on the hillside. And, this is just Wyoming, I can't even imagine what we are going to see in Yellowstone which is better known for its wildlife? I hope that doesn't mean another hungry momma bear with cubs...EEKS!!!

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  1. Hi Dave & Nancy,
    This is Jennifer Carter and Yo told me you were on a 6 wk. trip. I love the paintings. I did not know you had such a gift. Jimmy and I are now in Cheyenne, Wyo. heading to a place called Chico Hot Springs, Mt.(about 45 minutes from Yellowstone). I will keep up with your blog. I started a blog last summer and will start again in the next few days.