Thursday, July 29, 2010

DAY 29

"Canoe at Rest" 5x7" Oil on Canvas Board (photo is blurry)
Here is a little better photo of "Patch of Green" posted yesterday
Re-post of better photo of "Fallen Tree"

What a glorious storm we had last night, thick clouds covered the white snow tips on the mountains and the sky was a threatening dark gray blue. The wind was howling through the forests so ferociously the pines looked like they were going to crack in half. We thought for sure we were in for a gully washer but instead, as it turned out, there was only the sounds of a gentle rain playing a soft lull-a-bye on the top of the camper all night long. This morning was quite chilly kicking the heater on inside the camper but the sun shone brightly and ushered in a clear blue sky over the park all day today.

Yesterday, we were totally looking forward to a nice hot shower at the campground while we washed clothes, however when we arrived we were told there was no hot water. So we bit the bullet and took ice cold ones instead. The water was so cold it took me an hour to restore my core temperature and finally feel warm again. The good side of the down side is that the $3.75 per shower, per person charge was we saved a little money. 

Order of the Arrow Dave is cooking dinner tonight, making his old Boy Scout camping dinner of ground beef, potatoes, onions and carrots wrapped in foil and cooked in the coals of the fire he is building. The next thing you know he'll probably make smores and want a merit badge.

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