Monday, July 12, 2010

DAY 12

    "Morning Has Broken",  6x8" Oil on Canvas

I am pretty happy with my little painting above. Clouds have been alluring and screaming.. paint me, paint-me...the entire trip. We just don't get to see enough of them in East Texas buried in heavy drapes of pine forest. I have really enjoyed watching and studying the changing play of light, shadow and movement as they roll  along their way across the expanse of endless sky... a challenge to 
capture on canvas.  

Balmorhea Natural Springs

We arrived in Carlsbad, NM late yesterday stopping in Balmorhea, TX to swim in the natural bottom, spring fed pool. I have missed my swimming so this was a delightful break from the desert heat. The temperature of the water is 72 to 76 degrees year round and a popular site for scuba divers. I couldn't get it all in one photo so there are two photos, right and left, it's quite large.

Heading out today to check out the Caverns here in Carlsbad ....what a ride we are on...yee-haa!!!


  1. What a fun trip certainly stirring up your creativeness.

  2. Agreed. I have never had the luxury of immersing myself 100% in fine art until now. This is my time to go for it...a welcome change of pace from my graphic design business.

  3. Nancy, it is so awesome to be able to follow you on your travels. I love the paintings you have been posting!! Continue to enjoy yourself!!!

  4. Balmorhea Natural Springs were the nearest things to Barton Springs I have ever swam in...what a grand place in the middle of the badlands. Been working on the Sestina Rita...and I didn't get it in high school was grad school where I found this torture chamber of a form...I have one that I have been working unsuccessfully on since way I will be able to do one for every church we visit...working on a Sestina is like getting a root canal, however, the form is perfect for some subjects, such as the one I am attempting...later all and
    Happy Trails!