Thursday, July 8, 2010


I awoke before dawn to find directly overhead, a crescent moon wrapped tight in an ebony blanket dotted with masses of countless stars. I sit sipping that sacred first cup of coffee, praying my morning prayer just as the first rays of a new day are outlining the eastern edges of the highest peaks with a golden glow of warm light. It was perfect sleeping last night, actually got cold here in the basin. Who would have thought that could happen anywhere in Texas in the dead heat of mid-summer.

I painted for 5.5 hours yesterday trying in vein to capture the grandeur of it all. Life just doesn't get better than this folks!!! Later in the evening, we went for a short hike to a lookout spot called "The Window" to watch the sunset. This is the only little peek hole in the basin where you can see the distant valleys and mountain ridges stretching for mile to the horizon. The expanse looked more like an ocean of elongated islands floating in misty gray-blue waters. As the sun took its final bow the highest mountain faces lit up in a fiery-cad orange glow in the spot light.

We will be traveling most of today, snaking our way on to new adventures westward along the Rio Grande so I am posting early. A You Tube of the basin at various times of the day is attached. Wish you were all here.


  1. Beloved travelers, We said a prayer for you today to Saint Christopher to watch over you. With all this rain I am surprised that I havn't see you both floating in an intertube sipping on tropical drinks with umbrellas. The mountains are sure beautiful and I envy you. I wish I could take a road trip! God Bless your undertakings and share in your joys. MARY O

  2. It really sounds like you are having a wonderful time. I am so glad for you!! You keep enjoying your trip but the selfish side of me cannot wait for your return. I miss ya!!! I just got home today and yaaayyyy...........the last of my paperwork for the annulment had arrived while we were away!! I am going to Pasadena to take care of my sister. She is having a cyst removed from her neck. Already ran some tests on it and it is benign thankfully but the rest needs to be removed. But will finally be back at RCIA on Wednesday. You enjoy the rest of your trip and be careful!! If for some reason you are in the Sedona, AZ area, they have a gorgeous Catholic Church built into a mountain there. I was there when I was 19...........looooonggg time ago. But it is an amazing church!!! Will keep up with your blogs. Had a difficult time pulling them up when we were on the road, but now that I am home, can see them daily!!! I especially loved the pict of the little red bird. But you know animal fanatic. Specifically the reason I am goint to take on the name Francis when I come into the Church!! Love and miss you!! God Bless!! :o) Rachel

  3. Nancy and Dave, Thank you for letting us come along on your travels. You paint with words when you write your blog and I feel a part of my soul on the journey with you. God is good! --Rita

  4. . . . sharing in your ecstasy is so empowering!

  5. Thank you all for your comments.It's always wonderful to hear from everyone...helps to not feel so far away. I'm in shock that people are interested in reading and even finding some value in this blog. I sure am having a blast with it and look forward to making posts each day. Some other family and friends have been unable to to sign in as official followers but do still respond by e-mail which is great also. Thanks again for all your prayers, love and warm wishes.You are all here with us in spirit.

    hugs to all