Wednesday, July 28, 2010

DAY 28

"Patch of Green" 7.5 x 12" Oil on Canvas Board
I could not get a good photo of this painting no matter where or how many shots I took, but I guess it's better than no photo at all. I'll re-post it once I get a better image. This is the scene right behind our camper. This afternoon a beautiful light broke through onto a path leading into the dense forest right in front of a stand of Aspens. I was attracted to the play of dabbled light on the cool pathway. The painting really looks a lot better than what you are seeing. I am finding my landscapes here are all moving to a much more abstract quality for some reason? The mosquitoes tried their best to take me home for dinner while painting it.

This morning we drove over to the Jackson Lake Lodge, which sits in the most picturesque setting in the world, for a splurge breakfast sitting outside on the terrace overlooking the entire valley. By now the oatmeal and dry cereal is starting to get a bit old. However, by the time we ran a few errands and arrived at 11:00 a.m. (Dave is not a morning person) the buffet was over and the only other options was to eat in their diner-like cafe. Unfortunately, the diner was transitioning on to lunch and would only serve us granola... inside...and without the view. Drats!!! We did get to take our coffee outside on the patio so all was not in vain. Here are a couple snapshots of the view.


Yesterday was a really great day of canoeing, fly fishing, and painting along side of the lake which is just a football field away walk through the woods. We stayed there all afternoon in the warm light until the sun finally took its final bow and dropped behind the Tetons, and the evening chill began to creep in. Back at our camp Dave built a campfire and we feasted on the best hot dogs and baked beans ever!!! Life is so good. What a blessing this trip has been for us.


  1. Nancy, I think you painted the trees and shadows and dappled light leading to them wonderfully! Amazing!!
    I absolutely love the poem about the plums, too, Dave!!

  2. So I finally took the time to figure out how to be an official follower of your blog. I was wondering why I wasn't able to post comments! ;)

    Nancy, your paintings are beautiful. The titles reflect your personality so well! I know you're having a blast out there. I miss you lots! Can't wait to see more masterpieces from your travels.

  3. Your blog has become one of my favorite, but then I'm biased!

  4. Nancy, OMG!!! All is so unbelievably gorgeous! I cannot imagine how you feel to wake each day to such amazing beauty. We were in Jackson Hole about 6 years ago and it is just beautiful. I was showing my son the pictures because recently he said he wanted to go back there again out of the blue. We were there in the winter and went on a sleigh ride to see the elk -- it was freeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzing, but fabulous!!! Your trip is incredible. Thanks again for sharing! I love your paintings and pictures!!! Take care. Love, Patty

  5. Thank you,thank you everyone...Margaret, Kenne, Christine and Patty. Your comments made my day today!!! I have to keep pinching myself to be sure I am not dreaming. God is so good!!! What a gift this experience is for us.