Tuesday, July 6, 2010


"Violet Haze"
6x6" Oil on Canvas
"Rio Grande Light"
11x14" Oil on Canvas

Painted most of the day yesterday and for a couple hours this morning. I will post more photos whenever I can. There is no phone service in the park! I have more photos on my Blackberry so I am unable to send to my computer...the downside of living in the wilderness, 100 miles from the nearest grocery store. Thank God the camp's mini store has Spam or we'd starve...NOT!!! I'd rather starve but have been eating a lot of hot dogs and beans and rice.

The clouds parted and blue sky shown through yesterday afternoon producing the most stunning sunset that looked like an enormous strap of tangerine colored taffy pulled and stretched the entire span of the sky. 

Yeah, a fellow camper had the cord to connect to my camera. Here are some images of our campground, our little house on the prairie, and my two paintings.


  1. Nancy, I love your blogs! You are truly lyrical in word and deed! Makes me want to jump in the camper with Paul, and just take off...um, just as soon as we get a camper. Meanwhile, I'll enjoy the vision through you. Thanks!

  2. I'm jealous, I need to be outside rather than in the AC watching the rain.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Maureen, thanks for your comments and glad you are enjoying. This is the life..perhaps we should all sell our homes and do this year round. Wonder if they make campers big enough for all of your 8?

    hugs to all

  4. Thanks for your thumbs up, Len. You guys just need to come join us. This country is a photographers heaven for sure!!!