Thursday, July 22, 2010

DAY 22


"Run for Cover" 
 11x14" Oil on Canvas

Today is the halfway mark of our sabbatical. We have officially been living on the road in this little pop-up for three weeks today. The time is going by so quickly but we still have lots more to see, paint and write about. Today's painting above is a scene right outside my window as I sit here. It rained a lot yesterday, last night and again this morning, the sky dark and threatening most all the time. This painting reflects the changes in color and mood. The farthest mountains have been barely visible, and the entire valley is covered in a ghostly fog, hovering overhead like a filmy white muslin sheet. It has been a perfect time to paint but a bit difficult from inside the camper. To give you an idea of how small the space is here is a photo of what it looks like on the inside. I took this photo from on top of the bed at the farthest end, looking across to the other side. The entire length is about 15' by 7' wide when fully open. I have to sit my easel case on top of the table in the center where our computers usually sit, and paint sitting down. It sure makes a tight squeeze for Dave to move about.


The best part of being on a vacation is the ability to stay in and connected to the moment most all the time. The future only seems to pop-up when my stomach starts to growl and I realize that I have to think about finding something to eat, or all the clothes are dirty and I need to find quarters for the washer and dryer. The past only surfaces when I think of all my loved ones whom I miss so dearly, and my daily Mass. However, this lifestyle is so simple and uncomplicated, such a wonderful break from the fast-paced multitasking world I normally live in...or is that really living? It seems so very unreal right now in comparison to how alive I for thought?...Gotta run make the oatmeal.


  1. Hello you two!

    I would have written sooner but initially I was unable to log on to your blog. Now, for some reason, I can! What a wonderful trip you're taking...a chance to refresh your minds and spirits. You are very wise to "just do it" and I am so jealous! Nancy, I love your painting "We're Surrounded" and hope to be successful in bidding for it on E-Bay. I loved it the instant I saw it. Hope all the scary weather is over and that the rest of your trip is smooth sailing. See you on down the road...
    Karen Veit

  2. What a wonderful surprise to know that you are here with us, Karen. Thanks so much for your comments. I am thrilled to know that you are interested in "We're Surrounded". You would love it here in this beautiful setting...hopefully one day you and Raymond will "just do it" to!!!

  3. Hey Miss Nancy. Glad to see all the beautiful pictures and paintings you are posting. There are already a couple I have my eye on!!! I'm so glad y'all are having such a wonderful time!!! I love being able to look at your blogs each day and seeing where you are and what you are painting!!

  4. Internet service was down all evening but wanted to say how great it was to hear from you, Rachel.I feel like you are here with me, knowing that you are following along on this blog. Did you have a good time on the road with Lance? It sure is good for the soul to enjoy new scenery. Thanks for your note. See ya in Aug.