Wednesday, July 14, 2010

DAY 14

"Sangre de Cristo High"
8x10" Oil on Canvas

I am unequivocally in love with Santa Fe... every time I get here I wonder why I am not living here? The Indians say that everyone has one precise spot in the world where each of us is truly meant to be. I know this one is mine. 

I popped up this morning just as the sun was breaking over the mountains. The mornings are cool here with an elevation of 7,000'. The gentle morning breeze swept me away like a kite on the end of a string, soaring like a bird in abandoned wonderment. I painted this scene in 2.5 hours from right outside our camper door. I was worried about capturing all the wispy tall grasses in the foreground but really liked the way it turned out. Glad I completed this painting just as the sun was turning up its dial to scorching. 

Here are a few photos from the glorious sunrise on the horizon. Doesn't the sky on the first one look like a parade of enormous doves in flight? Thanks to all of you that have sent me messages of support and thumbs up on this blog. I am thrilled that so many of you are here with me. Hope you can feel the glow!!!


  1. While you're in Santa Fe, go to O'Keeffe Museum.
    The "abstration" show is worth seeing.

  2. Will not miss it!!! We've been there before and loved it. Georgia has been my hero for years. I am hoping to stop by Ghost Ranch as well. Let me know any other suggestions you might have. You have great taste.

    Check this out, I think this going on now.

  4. FANTASTIC NEWS!!! It starts today, we are so there.
    Thanks so much. Have you ever considered the travel guide business. lol

  5. . . . know the feeling, which is why we are in Tucson -- the Old Pueblo.

  6. Yeah, Kenne...and there are a lot of handball tourneys there...we are definitely coming to see you two sometime, maybe next year...thought of you when we were at the brewery yesterday sitting out side, mopuntains all around...listening to some jazzy band struggling through the whitening air...