Friday, July 23, 2010

DAY 23

Dave fly fishing on the Uncompahgre River, while I painted the scene 
below standing along side Buckhorn road.

"Roundup Along Buckhorn Road"
11x14" Oil on Canvas

Okay folks, we are still in Montrose, Colorado. I hope you are not getting bored but we just love this friendly little town, and have been spoiling ourselves with the all the conveniences of real stores with names we have heard of like: Albertsons, Home Depot and WalMart. There is something to be said for convenience when you need art supplies and have minor repairs, not to mention the joy of splurging on actual selections of fresh fruits and vegetables that didn't come from cans. Add to that, the tap water here is safe to drink, and it has been hard luring these indulgent consumers forward. However, with the laundry all Bouncey fresh we are heading on north today. Our plan is to camp tonight in Vernal, Utah which is very close to the border of Wyoming and then on into Jackson Hole, WY by Sunday. Slowly but surely we are getting there...but what's the hurry anyway, we've got three more weeks to soak in all of this abundance. It has been so nice to have had the last several days to completely devote to painting and writing, and not having to squeeze it in between setting up the pop-up and foraging for water and food. 

Thank you to all my readers for your comments and emails of encouragement and support. I can't tell you how I have enjoyed hearing from so many of you and for all the thumbs up for my paintings and even writing. This has totally surprised and thrilled me to no end!!! Happy Trails!


  1. Dave, Greg is very jealous. He loves fly fishing! Continue to have fun on the journey!

  2. . . . I'm casting, vicariously, with Dave. I can feel his pleasure.