Saturday, July 10, 2010

DAY 10

"Company Halt...Attention"

I had just finished setting up to paint this little scene from our campsite which caught my eye, when the clouds opened up and it poured. I sat there in the rain like an idiot with my little umbrella huddled over my easel until the clouds parted and I could get to work. I am glad I did though, got to paint for the next couple of hours until the next cloud dropped its load. Trust me, I now have a renewed sense of appreciation for plein air painters. Between the ants crawling up your legs, mosquitoes biting you, flies buzzing around your head, not to mention the scorching heat & sunburn, gusty winds and the ever frequent cloud bursts, I don't know how anyone accomplishes much of anything. Don't these trees look like a regiment standing at attention ready to go into battle?

Somewhere under the rainbow in Alpine Texas...can you see it? 

We head out today for the Fort Davis Mountains, McDonald Observatory, and on into NM to Carlsbad Caverns where we will hopefully stay in a KOA...that is if there is room in the inn? We never make reservations just to add to the mystery and suspense of camping. If worst comes to worst we can always find the local WalMart parking lot. ; )


  1. My cousins talents continue to grow and never cease to amaze me.

  2. Told Nance I would comment every day, however, I have found that I don't...guess I don't like the idea of the obligation...seems tooo much like what I do to extract money from the American economy, soooo, I will not be as regular a journalist. That rainbow was the most amazing I have ever seen...such clarity and distinctive separation of color…so complete. I left Nance on the outskirts of the campsite today painting to find a Jiffy Lube...there are no Jiffy Lube (or Jiffy anything’s) in Alpine...good ole fashion family run garage for the oil change. After Sunday’s visit to St. Joseph’s church in Ft. Stockton, I decided I would write a Sestina using the six churches we will be visiting on the trip.(Sestinas are six verse poems with the same but alternating last words ending with a three line envoy that includes all six words again…more info than you need?) After attempting the six lines of the first verse using only St. Joseph’s ambiance, I found that I would have to write six Sestinas to really do the job…one Sestina for each church…could tooo ambitious as I only have four verses done and another Sunday is fast approaching… finished reading “The Last Stand.” Great read!

  3. Dave, Thank you for explaining a Sestina. That was not one of the styles I was taught in high school english class.