Thursday, July 15, 2010

DAY 15

"Lost and Forgotten"
10x8" Oil on Canvas

Meet my model, David the Dumper

Here's one for all you dump truck lovers out there. The owner of the RV Park here in Santa Fe, collects old forgotten farm and oil pump machinery that stand like sentinels around the perimeter of the park, frozen in time like a graveyard of unsung heroes. This painting was completed in 4 hours and I was really happy with it especially the way the old abandoned truck came out. The light and color changes so quickly out here, I swear I could paint the exact same landscape every 30 minutes and it would be a completely different piece. We've decided to hang out here for another couple of days... so much to absorb and possibilities for's an endless smorgasbord of choices everywhere you look.

Walter told me that Sagre de Cristo translated means "Blood of Christ High" and Santa Fe means "in Holy Faith."  What perfect names for these mountains and city...I couldn't feel more alive and in touch with the spirit here in this lofty desert cathedral.

Some of David Dumper's buddies: Tommy Tractor, Bobby Bulldozer and some of the rest of the gang

PS. A word of note, if you ever think about going to the UFO museum in Roswell...forget it...its like looking at a giant scrape book



  1. I do love the hill country, but this place does have its charm. The matriarch that turned her ranch into the RV Park where we are staying gave me a history lesson about Santa Fe…she is a retired attorney/legislator/community legend…her grandmother saved a bear cub from a fire and petitioned Washington and got it name Smokey the Bear…she has photos of Prez-Ike at the ceremony with her grandmother and all the family…her family was instrumental in making S.Fe what it is today, by instituting the architecture of adobe…before the town looked like any other with all the main buildings make of red brick shipped in from the east…the photos of old down town look like any city USA…strange now…other “charming” features, the Nut Brown Ale from Santa Fe Brewing Co., which happens to be a stones throw from our little camp and St. John’s College, where I played handball yesterday is an amazing little campus nestled in the foothills…Fencing Class was in session in the gym…going to Bobcat Bites tonight for what is suppose to be best burgers around…’bout finished with the Sestina…could be the last I ever write….later,
    Happy Trails,

  2. Nancy,
    Take a short drive out Bishops Lodge road to the Shidoni foundry.
    Don't miss the "glass factory" right next door.
    Great place for a picnic.

  3. LOL............Lance and I went through Roswell a couple of times while on the road. Gald we missed the museum!!!! BTW......good news on the all the paperwork. I will fill you in when you are back!!! ;o) Rach