Saturday, July 3, 2010


."..looking for adventure...or whatever comes our way." How I love West Texas!!! The rugged mesas and speckled prairies, with a sky so big it looks like it goes on forever. Can't wait to see a sunset. I totally get why Georgia O'Keeffe came all the way from New York to teach school out here in this contemplative space. This is truly God's long as I don't come face to face with a sidewinder --or for that matter-- a scorpion. 

Record breaking 20 minute setup in Fort Stockton RV Park tonight. We look like "Ma and Pa Kettle" with a 2x4 supporting the corner of the pop-up. lol  Guess we will just have to make do until we can have the broken cable repaired.

I didn't get to paint today since we were on the road but plan on getting in some serious time in Big Bend. Tomorrow we'll head south to Marathon and into the park from there. Dave is going on a day-long float trip on the Rio but I just want to stay on land and paint the landscape. Weather is still overcast with intermittent rain and gusty winds...all so very exhilarating as it whips its mysteriously haunting music in our path.

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