Tuesday, July 27, 2010

DAY 27

"Fallen Tree" 11x14" Oil on Canvas
Canoe trip fishing and picnic from this morning

Jackson Lake

Animal (of some sort) near our camp

Picnic spot
Today we rented a canoe for a couple of hours and did some fishing, picnicking and sight seeing. This National Park offers such diverse landscapes as Alpine peaks, dense forests of lodgepole pine and other conifers (Douglas Fir, Englemann spruce, lumber and Subal pines), sagebrush flats, wet meadows, the Snake River, lakes and ponds. Local wildlife includes: very active grizzly and black bears, bison roaming freely, bald eagles, moose, red tail hawks, herds of elk and antelope, deer, badgers, beaver, pika, weasels, marmots, pine martens, wolves, coyotes, prong-horns, plus other birds such as sage thrashers, green-tailed towhees, western meadow larks, vespers and Brewer's sparrows. Okay...end of Nancy's nature-in-the-wild talk...bottom line it is all so unbelievable!!!

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