Tuesday, July 13, 2010

DAY 13

 "Balmorhea Reflections"
6x6" Oil on Canvas

Good Morning, America!!! Here is a little painting of the Springs at Balmorhea. I was about ready to wipe this one clean but at the last minute seemed to pull it together. I thought you might like to see a change of scenery from mountains to water pools. The photo is rather blurry but you should get the gist of it.

Senior spelunkers "gone wild" in Carlsbad Caverns at 750 feet below the earth's surface. You get in free with the Golden Age Passport. It's the simple things in life that mean the most!!! We're heading on down the highway into Santa Fe today, ready to take in the red hills of Georgia O country.


  1. I finally had a chance to sit and read all of your blogs. I love it! Your paintings are wonderful and your story is inspiring. Senior spelunkers unite! Take care and continue to enjoy!

  2. I really appreciate your comments, Linda...thanks for taking the time to read. As you well know, I am not much of writer but what I do write sure comes from the heart. We'll have to do lunch again sometime in Aug. or Sept.

  3. . . . we love going along for the ride. Let the wind stay at your back.

  4. The Lone Star College banner is part of a summer program the Prez initated to send photos from everywhere we wander this summer with the theme, Taking Montgomery College to new heights...or somethin' like that...anywazzes, when I sent this in from our visit to the closest point in North America to Hell, I was advised that it was the antithasis of the theme...LOL as they say...have a handball game lined up this afternoon at St. John's College...hope my travel legs can do it...still working on the Sestina, !@#$%^&****!!!
    Happy Trails!
    P.S.We ran out of Gin!

  5. You are about to begin the MAJOR ROCK section of your trip...I am hopeful the grand formations you encounter will be willing to dwell within the confines of your rectangular canvi (just invented that word).
    While in NM you can buy Gin at any grocery store...or use wild Juniper berries and learn how to distill your own?!?

  6. I love your photo son...striking resemblance.
    Will be on the lookout for all those MAJOR ROCKS...um...let's see...how can I tell one from the other not being a geologist!!! Give me a hint or two.