Friday, July 9, 2010


We were on the road most of the day yesterday, still without phone service. We got a little nervous when nearly frying the transmission pulling and tugging the pop-up over steep inclines on the way to Precidio. The child's story book, "The Little Engine That Could" came to mind, as we huffed and puffed our way over passes. "I think I can, I think I can...I thought I could, I thought I could"

The land is so stark and barren along the way that nothing could be seen but high billowy clouds in a pure cobalt-blue sky, cactus, and desert sands spreading a vast carpet for miles and miles, until bumping head on into the mountains. We wound our way on this roller coaster-like ride along the Texas/Mexico border, in and out of high canyon walls, playing peek-a-boo with the Rio Grande for several hours. Only an occasional dessert bloom would raise its head in glory proclaiming a life unclaimed in this remote's hard to believe anything could survive such harsh conditions.

Yeah, we are finally back in touch with the world via phone service!!! A huge rainbow arched up to welcome us like a gateway into the tiny town of Alpine and a 10 Star RV Park, with bathrooms and showers so clean you think you are at a lovely hotel. We have been taking sponge baths for the past couple of days so this felt like an oasis spa resort.

Oh, did I mention, I got bit by a doberman (nasty bruise and swelling) trying to obtain the password for the internet connection in the park. A small price to pay to stay in touch with all my dear ones.

It's quite cool here so we were able to sleep with the camper open until rain began descending at dawn. There is noting like homemade-camper waffles and coffee to warm you up and start another day.

Here is a beautiful little video of humming birds seen all over Big Bend Basin. The music is also haunting and mysterious just like these foreign lands!!!

I still need to fine tune this painting but thought I'd go ahead and post.


  1. Watch out for the bed bugs at the Three Palms motel in Presidio.
    The road back to Lajitas is an Amazing ride.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the Three Palms, Len.
    Precidio is a pretty rough little town just like all the others we passed through on the border. Otherwise it seems like everywhere we have traveled has been an amazing ride. How beautiful is Texas!!!