Sunday, July 4, 2010


Good bye Fort Stockton and to your sopping wet, $15 a night RV park. I sure won't miss wading through 3" of caliche to get to the ladies room with a pad lock combination, and no hand soap. Mercy me!!! Did find some GREAT green chili chicken enchiladas in Fort Stockton, and a Catholic church for Mass this morning before taking off for Big Bend.

What a spectacular drive through Marathon all the way across the winding badlands of a valley leading into Big Bend. We were literally surrounded with "purple mountains majesty" lining both sides of the road as far as one could see. Quite fitting for the Fourth of July. We saw wild javelina, jackrabbits and roadrunners scurrying along in their hunt for survival. I was amazed at all the color and various shades of greens that dotted the textured landscape including everything from the soft pale smokey green of prickly pears flaunting ripe red fruit, to rusty greens and countless hues of everything in between.

Many of the roads in the park are now closed due to the high waters but we are nestled in secure at Rio Grande Village Campground just 200 yards from the Rio. This is off season for Big Bend due to the heat so there are not many campers around which I really like. I am getting a little worried as I look out our camper window and can see ten turkey buzzards on ground all around our camper...hope they aren't saying their grace? Are we for dinner?

We will camp here for a couple of nights so I can paint but then plan to move up into the Chisos Mountain Basin where it is cooler. I just want to see it heart is singing!!!

My Blackberry isn't getting service here so I may be out of touch but there is a Wifi spot in this campground so I can make posts to the blog. I will try to send some photos when I get a signal
and can download off my phone.


  1. Thanks for your e-mails yesterday, Margaret and Kaye...and for your thoughts and prayers. Happy 4th to all...and to all a good night!

  2. The buzzards must have started following us when they saw me stopping
    on the narrow one lane road with no shoulder at all so that Nance,
    with a gleeful squeal could take photos of "purple mountain's
    majesty"...they are as surprised as I am that we got here alive...I am
    relieved...they are moping around the camper...disappointed and looking
    for handouts.
    A late night trip to the restrooms, which after 8PM are a short drive away,turned out to be serendipous...Nance got to see her 1st Coyote...not a big deal to most of us from Texas, however, the St. Louis gal had been wanting to see one for ages...onward through the fog!!!

  3. I'm so glad you guys are doing this visionquest! (...and the blog accompaniment). You're ability to get your priorities in such good order is inspiring. Enjoy!

    I'll look forward to seeing what kinds of wonderful things the experience incubates.

    Love ya'll.

  4. Trey and Anna,
    A Vision Quest...I love it!!! That really about sums this trip up....perhaps my spirit guide will show up to. : )

    Love to you all.

    Auntie N

  5. . . . really glad you are doing this. I'm loving it at my current Internet access site -- Starbucks!