Friday, July 2, 2010


Quack, quack, quack...its been a very wet day here in Kerrville, raining cats and gophers, on and off most of the day, as to be expected in a hurricane. What were we thinking? Now we are under flash flood warnings...sure am glad I can swim.

Dave wanted to surprise me by going grocery shopping for dinner and took off into town to the local WalMart, thinking I could some quiet time to paint. However, he totally forgot that my easel and painting supplies were all in the back of the truck. After his shopping adventure, I did manage to get in this quick little 2-hour painting between down pours but ended up soaked from head to toe.

I am attaching a photo of the campground where we are hunkering down, along with the painting I worked on today from this scene (never made it to the river). I do like the colors and the way the orange sunlight peeks through the trees on the horizon. I am so excited to have this time to paint with my entire body and soul 100% connected.


  1. Sooo...I am at the wine section when she call me to tell me that the painting stuff is in my truck and I see a nice California Pinot Noir named, IRONY...'bout 13 bucks...and think it should be perfect for the Spinach torellini(sp?) and our O'Henry was! And she still had time to knock out a knock out little painting of a brave little tree leaving the safety of the grove for the glory of sunlight...dp

  2. All's well that ends well! I love your attitudes. They bode well for a successful adventure together! I am also amazed at what Nancy can "knock out" in a couple of hours! And, Dave, I have to look for the IRONY brand so I can stock up on that very useful name. maureen

  3. Thanks for the affirmation Maureen...yep, we be pretty laz-ah-faire...I told Nance I would post something every day in a comment...sooo, we are holed up at the AM RV park nestled in the be-hind of Ft.Stockton...repleat with wet muddy gumbo...if it was a hotel, it would be a flea trap, but it is all the same from inside our little crippled boat and our air condition really hummms and the gin and tonic taste as good here as at Tony's (better)...we found a little hometown Real-Tex-Mex place that does not know how goooood they really are...thinking the river at Big Bend is going to be realllly flowing on the morrow...

  4. Hi Nancy, this is just a test. . Mary Clare is helping me set up an account, so I can post comments. . . :)