Sunday, August 15, 2010

DAY 45 Home Sweet Home

"Beauty may appear anywhere, at just have to be ready for it"
— Kevin Macpherson, Artist

Quicker than I ever imagined possible, our 45 day sabbatical comes to a screeching halt at the end of the highway back in Conroe. From the southern most borders of Texas, to the glaciers of Montana, and with every mile in between, this trip has been a celebration of the beauty found everywhere. I return home now in humble gratitude to our Creator and Father for the richness and abundance of all that surrounds us in this incredible world of wonder, awe, mystery and majesty. The images in my mind and the experiences I have encountered will remain always in my heart to draw upon and paint from in all the years to come.

Thank you to all of you who followed along on this journey. My blog began on a whim as a means to stay in contact with family and friends but quickly took on a life of its own. I had no idea how much fun and pleasure it would be sharing my thoughts, impressions, feelings, photos and paintings. I wonder how many people have been followed along? I know many of you have forwarded the blog link on to friends, and some have even linked this site to other blogs. Dave's computer died several thousand miles back so he has been unable to make any comments but we have both loved hearing from each and everyone of you. Your positive e-mails and comments were the fuel that inspired me on a daily basis to stay true to my mission.

The Linda Watson Gallery here in Conroe, TX has generously offered to do a show of all the painting that I have shown on my blog, prior to posting on ebay. A date has not been set but I will send everyone an invitation to the opening, and will also let you know when the paintings are available on ebay. A number of followers have expressed an interest in certain paintings, if you are interested in any one specific painting, or if you would like a complete list of all the paintings, along with titles, sizes, please send me an e-mail.

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See ya down the highway on our next adventure.

nancy parsons


  1. You have done all who have chosen to follow you and Dave a service surpassed only by riding the "jump-seat." You photos, paintings and words reflect the true artist you are. It is worthy of a book -- maybe a memoir, which you and Dave could do in collaboration. I'm sure there is so much more that could be shared.

    Again, "thanks for the memory,” for all that you have shared, the talent you have effectively use, your purpose of task and although beauty does appear everywhere, it takes an artist to to give it a stage -- Thanks!

  2. Nancy, Thanks for sharing, it was a joy to sit on your shoulder! Now all I can say is Welcome Home! :-)

  3. Wow, beautiful comments, Kenne!!! The pleasure has been all mine. I don't think Dave would ever want to work on a collaboration with me. He didn't really like my long descriptive approach, and thought I should write more about my thoughts. However, this was my first attempt at writing and the only way that felt right to me...more like painting with words. I am so happy that it was well received. Perhaps I will print a few copies online.

  4. Thank you Linda! It's good to be home but I sure could have kept on going down that highway for several more months. Thanks for following along, I was so thrilled to have you with me. Hope to see for another lunch very soon.