Saturday, August 7, 2010

DAY 37 & 38

"Heading for Home" 7.5x12", Oil on Canvas Board
Sorry for the absence everyone, I hit some technical difficulties and have not been able to post the past few days. Seems WiFi service in this part of the world doesn't like Macs, so today I am driving to the town of Columbus to post. FYI McDonalds has universally compatible WiFi service, plus Senior Coffee for $.39. What a deal!

I painted this little painting at the end of the road where we are staying, here in Absoarkee. I painted late today just as a strong breeze swept away the heat, and the cows began making their way back to their barn... snacking all the way, and the sky was gearing up for  "magic" show time. I took my seat and right on key the fields began growing brighter and richer in the warm stage lights. The mountains, veiled in cool blue violet attire, served as a backdrop for another premier performance. I was the most appreciative of an audience, applauding and sending out rave reviews of praise well into the night.

Catch of the Day  
The River Runs Though It


  1. We've missed you, Nancy! So glad to hear from you!
    Hope the camper gets better. . . .

  2. Dave,
    It's too small to take away from it's mother.

  3. These are absolutely beautiful colors!! (In your painting).

  4. Hee hee, Len. Tell me about the size of that rainbow...that was all I was fed for dinner that night. Afraid I'd starve to death if Dave was a full time fisherman...good thing he knows how to teach instead.

  5. Hi Margaret...great to hear from you! It's so easy to paint here, paintings almost paint themselves. The colors of everything around me are so beautiful especially in the late afternoon as when this painting was painted. It has been like magic, all I have to do is show up and the next thing I know a painting appears. What a joy this sabbatical has been.

    I miss you and everyone so much but am having trouble letting go of such freedom and peace. Hope to see you next Monday if you are in town.