Saturday, August 7, 2010

DAY 36

"The Gathering" 12x12" Oil on Canvas Board
Gardner River

This morning we drove just a few miles back into Yellowstone Park to visit and bathe at the hot springs near the travertine (calcium carbonate) terraces of Mammoth. A mile hike in off the road along the bubbling Gardner River we found the thermal springs. The water pours out of the rocks here at scalding temps directly into the cold river (year round). Visitors of all ages find their way here to soak sore hiking muscles in the soothing waters of this natural hot tub. During the month of December Brown Speckled Trout spawn up stream from this spot and the grasses stay green during the harsh winters in this little oasis. Here's some photos along the river and of the springs.

The battery in the camper died on us so we are heading to Columbus, MT to find a replacement. Poor old camper we have really given her a workout on this trip.  She has been limping along with a broken arm and duck tape patch job on one of the windows but the battery really put her over the edge. See the pathetic crippled photos below.

Wounded Soldier

Once we get a new battery, we will go on to my sister Kitsy and brother-in-law Van's very cool, old fishing camp in Absarokee, MT. They are gone right now to Peru (as in South America) climbing Machu cool is that... but are due back in a couple days so we will set up the camper and wait for them, and for my sister Barb and hubby Arnie's arrivals. I am really looking forward to some more time to visit and spend the early mornings painting with my loved ones for a few days before setting sites on home. Wow...what a trip this has been!!! 

"The Gathering" of little jars was a challenge to paint since there wasn't a direct light source, and reflections were coming in from all sides changing constantly with the movement of the light. Normally I would have used a controlled spot light but what is one to do without electricity?

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